Brain, it makes up only 2 % of your weight. But it consumes 20% of your body energy when at rest, meaning the human brain desires an entire heap of nutrition to remain alert and targeted throughout the day. The majority of that energy is {employed} to fuel electrical impulses that neurons employ to speak with each other. As we have a tendency to age, neuron-nutrients play a good a lot of vital role in an exceedingly properly functioning brain, sometimes some communication is lost, these deficits in neuronal communication result, in turn, to declines in motor and cognitive competence. The brain helps us for coordinating things, and actions and reactions. It will allow us to think, feel, and enables the memories and feelings. Brain is the responsible for all body functions. A brain contains about 100 billion microscopic cells called neurons.


What is NeuroActiv6?

NeuroActiv6 has been specifically designed to incorporate polyphenol compounds, nootropics, and bio-active ingredients that work to promote a healthy inflammatory response and supports healthy cortisol levels. It promotes neural communication enabling neurons and raises BDNF levels. Instead of having to take multiple pills, NeuroActiv6 is scientifically proven doses and great tasting drink mix

How does NeuroActiv6 works?

  • Increase BDNF Levels – Ingredient  whole coffee berry Extract will increase levels of a  crucial protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor that is important for maintaining healthy neurons and making new ones
  • Prevents Oxidative Stress – NeuroActiv6 provides the biological process that needs to assist the aging brain to decrease Oxidative stress. By supporting this balance within the brain, memory and learning could also be improved.
  • Supports Healthy Cortisol Levels – Ashwagandha supports healthy cortisol levels to considerably improve occasional stress, irritability, level of fatigue, concentration, memory, and occasional sleeplessness.
  • Restores Brain Energy – Citicoline raises levels of vital neurotransmitters, increases brain energy, and will increase overall focus and mental performance.
  • Promotes Neural Communication – Brain healthy polyphenols area unit effective at enabling neurons to speak to every alternative a lot of effectively resulting in a faster, sharp mind. Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Natural Cell NeuroActiv6.

Ingredients included in NeuroActiv6 


It Is an ancient medicinal herb Multi-patented, clinically tested Sensorilhwagandha is the ultimate all-natural, stress-reducing, a cognitive, and mood-enhancing dietary supplement with multiple health benefits you can really feel, and can also reduce blood sugar levels, help reduce stress and anxiety. Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men and may increase muscle mass and strength.


The common spice which used include in the kitchen on a daily basis, turmeric supports healthy inflammatory response, relieves temporary pain and dissolve stubborn fat, improves digestion it is also a powerful sleep aid. Turmeric reprograms the body in 3 specific ways to provide support to help you fall asleep faster. Turmeric boosts a Nobel-prize winning molecule called Nerve Growth Factor, it provides more support to help you combat your hunger even when you’re stressed. The response, and relaxes your body, you will feel sharper mentally and like your brain has finally slipped out of deep hibernation. 


Citicoline, also known as cytidine diphosphate-choline or cytidine 5′-di phosphocholine is an intermediate in the generation of phosphatidylcholine from choline. Citicoline is a potent brain-health nutrient, Cognizin has been clinically studied to support focus, attention, recall, increases brain energy it is a common biochemical process in cell membranes.


NeuroFactor is an all-natural, patented product made from the whole fruit of the coffee plant. Through years of careful clinical research, scientists discovered that ingesting small amounts of whole coffee fruit concentrate significantly increases BDNF levels in humans. It declining neuroprotein levels in humans and supports naturally. In this whole coffee, the fruit is taken and delivers support for naturally declining neuroprotein levels in humans.


Grape seed extract contains antioxidants. Grape seed extract may help with a type of poor circulation and high cholesterol, Grape seed extract reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes. This 100% grape-seed extract is made from seeds and it promotes a healthy inflammatory response and reduces oxidative stress


B Vitamins promote mental energy and the body needs vitamin B-6 for amino acid metabolism and breaking down carbohydrates and fats brain development and immune function.


It contains the highest levels of polyphenols was associated with better cognitive function, it included 2.5g of organic beetroot, raspberry, cranberry juice, strawberry, organic carrot, pomegranate juice, organic blackberry,organic cherry, organic tomato, and any other polyphenol blend. Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Natural Cell NeuroActiv6.

How NeuroActiv6 can help for brain performance

Focus and clarity -It makes mind energized and lightning-fast and increases your mental speed, alertness, and clarity.

Fight Mental Fatigue & Brain Fog– By promoting BDNF production and restoring brain energy it improves mental capacity and provides clears and faster thinking.

Elevated Mood or Calming Effect-Raising DHEA level in the body naturally improves and supports healthy cortisol

Cellular Repair Antioxidant -The ingredients that contain antioxidants make you look and feel younger, glowing, and radiating skin.

 Energy Levels will boost -It naturally provides you energy without the short-term spike and crash associated with caffeine.

Slowed Cognitive Decline/Anti-Aging -The ingredients used to make an effective mix restores your brain keeps it healthy. 

Price details

  • NeuroActiv6 (1 Bottle) cost you $45.95
  • NeuroActiv6 (3 Bottle) cost you $129.99 (Each bottle cost you around$43.33)
  • NeuroActiv6 (6 Bottle) cost you $229.99(Each bottle cost you$38.33)


  • NeuroActiv6 is 100% of all purely natural ingredients
  • It promotes brain health
  • Helps to increases BDNF levels
  • Feel Energized, intended & Alert
  • Improves Mood & Calms the Mind
  • Nourishes and Support a Healthy brain
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Eliminates Brain Fog
  • It is used to reduce fatigue and improves the concentration
  • Helps to solve blood circulation problems
  • Increases Brain Energy & Recall Speed
  • NeuroActiv6 is gluten-free
  • NeuroActiv6 is soy-free and dairy-free and Non -GMO
  • 60-DAY Money back guarantee


  • NeuroActiv6 is only available only on the official website.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If you’re not happy with your results, simply notify in their official website up to 60 days after purchase by sending an email to or (800)-216-7614 and they will make arrangements for you to receive a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Natural Cell NeuroActiv6.


NeuroActiv6 is formulated in 100% natural ways, the ingredients used in a formulation is used 100 % mainly used to Raise BDNF levels and promote neural communication. The Quality Assurance Department ensures that all products conform to appropriate standards of quality and are safe and suitable for the intended use of Natural Cell products. NeuroActiv6 is designed to boost brain power, enhance mood restore energy levels. Try this with no loss of the product backed with a 60-days money-back guarantee The dietary supplement is used to improve your brain and vision health. The ingredients used in the formulation not only target the brain function it also has other health benefits, the best dietary supplement that helps to support your brain and vision abilities. Having revision you can transform your life. Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Natural Cell NeuroActiv6.


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