I Made Lattes for a Love God ... Out NOW!

More in the life of Elly Pickering in this new book. I loved this review from Liv Paterson, age 14.

I Made Lattes For A Love God is enjoyable, humorous and easy to follow right from the beginning.

The book follows the story of a teenage girl, Elly Pickering, and her love for Hollywood movie star Jake Blake. Elly’s mum runs her own business, ‘Regal events’. When she informs Elly that she is charge of publicity for Jake's next movie, filmed at Elly’s high school Oldcastle High, Elly can't believe it.

Elly invites her friend Carmelita to stay from Queensland and suggests they can be extras in the movie. However, when auditions roll round Carmelita makes the cut and Elly misses out. Feeling sorry for her, Elly’s dad convinces his wife to let Elly be her assistant. That job soon ends because of an incident involving a phone charger, a kiss and the paparazzi. Unable to redeem herself, Elly ends up making coleslaw in a van and delivering love notes while watching Carmelita form an unlikely friendship.

The story was entertaining and fun throughout the whole novel, making it hard to put down. Almost all of the characters were very easy to relate to; I found we shared the same emotions, characteristics, behaviour traits etc.

A book full of friendship, fame and relationships. A definite read for young teenage girls.

Reviewed by Liv Paterson, age 14.


I Lost My Mobile at the Mall

Take one present day teenager, then take away her mobile and what do you have? A social disaster. And if that’s not bad enough, then imagine someone taking away all her computers and in turn, her access to the Internet, with that all social media sites and programs, then what do you have? A Teenager on the edge of a technological breakdown. 

I Lost My Mobile at the Mall is Wendy Harmer’s first teen novel (and here’s hoping it’s not her last). This story was fun, fresh and a delight to read. For fans of Louise Rennison’s, Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, this is Australia’s version of Georgia Nicolson.

While I was reading this novel, I found it kind of ironic, as all the power in our area had recently gone out, and I was stuck without my computer and access to the Internet. To put it plainly, I was quite distraught. Being rather reliant on the Internet for a lot of my everyday needs; email, Facebook, work updates, trends and of course Google maps, reading about Elly Pickering and her way of coping was an amusing way of passing time. Plus mostly everything she was feeling, I was currently going through. 

Apart from being an entertaining read, Harmer’s novel touches briefly on the issue of how dependant we’ve all become on technology and how sometimes the old ways can be the good ways. Especially when things get messy for poor Elly, through miscommunication, peer pressure and a bundle of mishaps, things start to spiral out of control.

I Lost My Mobile at the Mall is a great read for teens and a good way to brighten any day. Enjoyable, light and flowing, this novel sure does take the bait.

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

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