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Roadside Sisters

Nina, Meredith and Annie have decided to hit the road one more time. It’s twenty years since they toured together as members of Sanctified Soul, a gospel choir, andnow they seem as unlikely companions as you could find. But like a matched set of 1950’s kitchen canisters of Flour, Sugar and Tea, they always seem to end up together.

When a tropical wedding beckons in Byron Bay, 2000 kilometres from their homes in suburban Melbourne, they make the alcohol-fuelled decision to drive a monster mobile home up the coast for the trip of a lifetime. Squabbles and secrets, tears and laughter—Roadside Sisters is a funny and heartwarming story of female friendship, Elvis Presley, k.d.lang and a busted annexe.

‘…witty, warm tale about great female friends…Harmer just gets better and better.’
~ Australian Womens’ Weekly

‘Exhilaratingly honest and gloriously entertaining.’
~ Woman’s Day

‘An Australian Thelma and Louise without the violence…warm, witty and enjoyable.’
~ Herald Sun

‘…robust, funny…the jokes run through her books like a constantly bubbling, refreshing stream.’
~ The Age

‘A heartwarming read from the wonderfully insightful Wendy Harmer.’

‘Roadside Sisters is easy and light, perfect for the beach, or with a cocktail on a hot, summer night.’
~ Publishers Weekly

‘Wendy Harmer is one of Australia’s most enduring comediennes and it is clear from the wit and warmth of this novel why it is she has such broad appeal.’
~ South Coast Register

‘The pace is brilliant…never a dull moment…what a talent is Wendy Harmer.’
~ Sunshine Coast Sunday

‘The strength of Harmer’s story lies in the warmth she shows for her subject and her brutal honesty about female friendships.’
~ Illawarra Mercury

Farewell My Ovaries

Claire Sellwyn-Wallace has decided to throw her ovaries a farewell party—one wild night of unbridled lust before she says goodbye to all that. This time it will be everything she has always imagined. This time she knows exactly how it will go. She’s old enough, she’s earned it. But can you plan passion? And what’s love got to do with it? A warm, funny and sexy novel about life, eternity, hormones and hair removal.

‘One of Australia’s funniest women...Harmer’s sense of humour knows no bounds.'
~ Daily Telegraph

‘A funny, frank and raunchy examination of sex, love and relationships ... infused with great wit and warmth ... A wonderfully wicked and delightfully humorous read.’
~ Highlife

‘Cleverly crafted . . . as warm and light and welcome as a doona.’
~The Age

‘Witty and wise . . . with a down and dirty sense of humour when it comes to life and love.’
~ Geelong Times

‘ [Harmer] expertly portrays the rollercoaster range of emotions found within a marriage.’
~ Sunday Mail

‘Harmer makes a grand job of her first novel, pioneering a warm and welcome Australian chick-lit genre about beautiful, interesting and intelligent women who aren’t invited to 30th birthday parties any more. And don’t really care.’ 
~ Newcastle Herald

‘ Harmer has written a sexy romp with an underlying core of morality and an overlay of the ace comedienne’s characteristic wit and humour.’
~ Sunday Telegraph

Love and Punishment

Francie writes the ‘Seriously Single’ column for the Sunday Press. Nick—the man she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with—has dumped her for an older woman. To say that Francie is annoyed would be a serious understatement. Struggling to deal with the emptiness of her new life, Francie signs up for therapy and moves into a shared household with a trio of supposedly swingin’ singles. But Francie has a secret. A dirty little secret of nasty revenge. Her nightmare is that one day all will be revealed. That couldn’t happen ... could it?

‘ ... it’s the poignancy and raw, close-to-the-bone writing about having a broken heart that lends depth and humanity to Wendy Harmer’s latest novel and makes it such a good one.’
~ Australian Women’s Weekly

‘The deluxe triple chocolate fudge bar [of chick lit]...a great flavour, memorable aftertaste and impossible to put down.’
~ Courier Mail

‘Harmer’s new novel is sharp, witty and insightful.’
~Sun Herald

‘Love and Punishment . . . might make you reminisce about acts of revenge you have taken or fuel the fantasies you harbour about taking a coin to the side of your ex’s sports car. Whatever effect it has on you, it can’t fail to make you laugh.’
~ Good Reading

‘A fast-moving, funny, poignant novel about love, loss, revenge and punishment.’
~ Herald Sun

‘Love and Punishment is a quirky, painfully honest yet hysterically funny account of one woman’s journey towards relationship closure.’
~ New Idea

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